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Suicide Prevention Month: Creating Action Through Hope

Photo by Nick Fewings on UnsplashAs the month of September comes to a close, let us endeavour to be active in our suicide prevention efforts by "Creating Action through Hope”.We are all facing unprecedented times with COVID-19 and its impact on our mental health. Our children are not exempt from these challenges.Research…

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Breastfeeding Awareness: What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding?

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz from PexelsIt is breastfeeding awareness month!Promoting the benefits of breastfeeding is a shared responsibility as in doing so, we not only benefit babies and mothers, but we also benefit our society.Like everything else in modern culture, breastfeeding is a hot topic for debate; whether it is about when and where…

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Going Back to School: 5 Success Strategies for Parents

Photo: Margo MorrisonSummer is over and that means going back to school. Parents, are you ready for success this school year?Many parents would have been settled now with the going back-to-school routine. Of course, the back-to-school preparations for parents started months ago and culminated in “September Morning”.“September Morning” is the day that schools…

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Welcome Back to School: 6 Strategies for Teachers this School Term

photo: unsplash.comWelcome back to school! It has been challenging teaching during the pandemic. Back to school means more challenges of online teaching for another year. What strategies can you use this term for success?The rising cases of COVID-19 have shattered hopes for face-to-face schooling this academic term, and there is no guarantee that the…

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Support Services for Children and Families

Photo by AbsolutVision on UnsplashGovernment Ministries, Departments and Agencies to Support Children and FamiliesChild Protection and Family Services AgencyThe Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), formed out of a merger of the Child Development Agency and the Office of Children’s Registry, is a leader in Jamaica’s child protection system, with a combined…

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Photo: unplash.comToday is World Suicide Prevention Day. This year’s theme is “Creating Hope Through Action”.Have you checked in with a child today?How to help a child with suicidal thoughtsListen to the child without judgement and offer supportShow him/her love, compassion and kindnessStay with the child if you believe he or…

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Kindness is What our Children Need Right Now

Photo: Margo MorrisonKindness is a language of love.With schools now back in session, our children are back online and looking down a path of uncertainty, isolation from friends and possible frustrations.Schools must continue teaching, and remote learning is the solution for keeping children safe, learning and academically engaged during this crisis. While…

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5 Back to School Strategies for Children

Photo: unplash.comSchool is now back in session; however, due to the third wave of COVID-19 schools are to continue online teaching until further notice. It was hoped that schools would have reopened face-to-face, but the Delta variant has changed that with COVID-19-positive cases increasing daily.Hopes that vaccine take-up would result in face-to-face schooling have…

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How to Protect Children’s Emotions during COVID-19

Photo by Good Good Good on UnsplashThis article gives a practical tip on how to protect children's emotions during COVID-19.The rising number of COVID-19 cases on the island is cause for concern. Just like adults, children sometimes get anxious about things in their environment that they cannot control.Although children may manifest these…

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