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What are the Benefits of Positive Parenting?

Photo by Orione Conceição from PexelsPositive parenting is parental practices that are directed to the full development of children through non-violence, care, recognition, guidance and the establishment of limits (Consejo de Europa, 2006 in Pastor et al., 2015).Research has consistently shown that positive parenting benefits children both in childhood and adulthood because in positive parenting, children…

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World Children’s Day: A Better Future for Every Child

pexels.comA better future for every child is not hard to imagine and with World's Children's Day let's realise its possibility.COVID-19 has laid bare the inequalities in our world that exist for our children and have put some of the world’s most vulnerable children at greater risk for poor outcomes, violence and abuse, poor mental…

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Strengths-Based Positive Parenting

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from PexelsIn my last article, I defined positive parenting as a continuation of the celebration of Parents Month.I highlighted six characteristics of positive parenting, including working with children’s strengths instead of picking at their weaknesses.For this article, I will focus more on the type of strengths-based positive parenting that builds…

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