About Childhood Central

Childhood Central was created to focus on and support Black child development.



I created this website because realised there was a gap in culture-specific information on child development from a black and Caribbean perspective. This website was created with the purpose of closing that gap. 

Childhood Central aims to be an information hub for all things related to children and families, and for every and anyone. It is my aim to curate culture-specific, relevant, and accurate information on childhood and to provide resources that will support our children’s development and improve outcomes.

About Me

Hi, I am Margo Morrison. I am a psychology graduate with a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Psychoanalytic Theory.

I have a over six years of experience studying and working with children.


One of the biggest lessons I have learnt so far is that childhood is important. It is the blueprint or foundation on which we, our families, our societies and our world are built. 

Photo Credit: Larry Biwagou

All that is good and bad in us can be traced back to our childhood. This fact has been the guiding light for my career. I have a love and passion for children and my area of interest is child and adolescent mental health.

My work focuses on childhood development but I am interested in all aspects of childhood, the systems that support it, and its effects on the developing adult. 

 I am particularly interested in children’s psycho-social and emotional development, with most of the content on this website focusing on mental health.

Being Jamaican, I am also particularly interested in exploring childhood within the context of Caribbean society and culture.

Beyond that, I am a traveller, reader, explorer, fashionista and all-around curious globetrotter

In The Press

Margo Morrison's Happy Place

Margo is the featured woman in Jamaica’s premier women’s magazine, All Woman.

In this feature, Margo opens up about her childhood, modelling career and the professional path she has taken to be where she is now: Founder of Childhood Central and Children’s Book Author.

– The Jamaica Observer

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