Going Back to School
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It is a new year, which means children are going back to school. It also means another year of school during COVID, and everyone, including our children, is exhausted.

This article provides some helpful tips on how to thrive this school term.

Having only returned to face-to-face schooling in November, many children now face the prospect of going back to online schooling this academic term as the fourth wave of COVID-19 due to the Omicron variant having increased infections.

While some schools have stuck to their original reopening dates for this week, many have delayed the reopening of face-to-face school. This delay will result in children returning to online learning.

Administrators will be figuring out best the approach for reopening schools as public health officials advise on the best way forward during this fourth wave of COVID-19.

As schools work out the logistics of reopening as planned for this semester, many parents will be looking for ways to calm their children’s fears and anxieties about what this new wave of COVID-19 could mean for them.

It is normal to feel stressed during times of uncertainty, and parents should try as best as possible to maintain a sense of calm for themselves and their children. Doing so makes it easier to problem solve and come up with solutions.

Whether your children are going back to school face-to-face, going back online, or a combination of both, they will need all the support they can get to help them thrive this school term.

In my previous article, Back-to-School Strategies for Success, I outlined some helpful tips that parents can look at to help their children thrive this school year.

These strategies can be applied to going back to school this semester, and in fact, should be applied through the school year for optimum success.

Going Back to School Tips

Going Back to school
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Here are some helpful tips to help your children thrive this new school term.

  1. Maintain Morning Routines
  2. Stay Active
  3. Take Deep Breaths
  4. Practice Mindfulness
  5. Ask for Help


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