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Black Comic Book Characters and a New Edition

photo credit: Shequeta L. SmithThese days, black comic book characters are not hard to imagine. Since The Black Panther took the world by storm, people recognise the value of Black comic book characters being lead characters in comics.Black comic book characters have been around in the US since the 1930s albeit with racist portrayals.…

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Childhood Central Listed on the Top Black Parenting Blogs List

Photo by Greta Hoffman : https://www.pexels.comWe Are Making Moves! Childhood Central has been listed in the top 10 of the 20 top Black Parenting Blogs by Feedspot.At Childhood Central, we are very honoured to be included on this list of Black parenting blogs. Childhood Central is just under 2 years old. Our first post…

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A 23% Decline in Black Children’s Books Since BLM is Why We Need Black Children’s Book Week

Photo by cottonbro studio: https://www.pexels.comBlack Children’s Books Week is almost upon us. The event is planned to coincide with Black History Month.Although Black Children’s Book Week is relatively new, it is making a splash! In this article, we look at this great initiative to support Black authors and to increase the readership of children’s…

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Read Across America Day 2022: How to Make Reading Fun

Photo by William Fortunato from PexelsThis week we are celebrating Read Across America Week. Today, March 2, 2022 is Read Across America Day. Wait, it gets better, March is National Reading Month! Yay for all my fellow bookworms out there! This article is about how to make reading fun for children.Why Read Across America?Read Across America…

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Going Back to School? How to Thrive this School Term

Photo by olia danilevich from PexelsIt is a new year, which means children are going back to school. It also means another year of school during COVID, and everyone, including our children, is exhausted.This article provides some helpful tips on how to thrive this school term.Having only returned to face-to-face schooling in November, many children…

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4 Christmas Activities for Children to Help with at Home

Photo by Any Lane from PexelsAs a child, I loved the weeks leading up to Christmas as much as Christmas day. This was because of all the Christmas activities for children that were fun and exciting.Firstly, I couldn’t wait for school to break because this meant going to the country to see my grandmother. Equally, it meant…

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World Children’s Day: A Better Future for Every Child

pexels.comA better future for every child is not hard to imagine and with World's Children's Day let's realise its possibility.COVID-19 has laid bare the inequalities in our world that exist for our children and have put some of the world’s most vulnerable children at greater risk for poor outcomes, violence and abuse, poor mental…

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What is Resilience?

pexels.comThe recent celebration of World Mental Health Day brought discussions around mental health and well-being which are particularly important as the world grapples with COVID-19.Many of us would have had and continue to have significant challenges due in part to the pandemic.Additionally, COVID-19 exacerbated existing stressors in our lives. No one…

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