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What Do Dads Like as Gifts? 30 Things Dads Like as Gifts for Any Occasion

Before starting to shop this year for your dad, you need to ask yourself a simple question: What sort of things do dads like as gifts?In this article, you'll find a list of 30 things dads like that you can buy to suit any occasion, Christmas, Fathers' Day, birthdays or just a regular day…

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What Does It Mean to Be a Father? 6 Things I Learned from My Interview with Fathers

photo: pexels.comLast year, I sat down with three fathers to explore their perspectives on fatherhood. In particular, I wanted to understand what being a father meant to each of the men. All three interviews for Miguel Morrison, Kristofferson Nunes and Delroy Beckford are available on this website. It’s one year since the interviews, and I…

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Father and daughter

Perspectives of Fatherhood: What Does it Mean to Be a Father?

Today’s interview is from Miguel Morrison, aged 42 years old. He is a certified electrician and refrigeration technician, father to one and lives with his partner on the western end of the island. Miguel gives us his perspectives on fatherhood by sharing his experiences.Photo credit: Miguel MorrisonThank you for taking part in this series…

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