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Celebrating Single Mothers: Nurturing Resilient and Successful Children

Single motherhood is a reality for millions of families around the world. While single mothers often face numerous challenges, they also possess remarkable strength, resilience, and determination that shape their children's lives in positive and profound ways.In this article, we celebrate single mothers' resilience and explore their positive impact on their children, fostering traits…

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What is Positive Parenting?

Photo by nappy from PexelsWhat is Positive Parenting?Positive parenting is parental practices that benefit the full development of children through non-violence, care, recognition, guidance and the establishment of limits (Consejo de Europa, 2006 in Pastor et al. 2015).In this article, you'll find the information you need to learn more about positive parenting.Parenting Then…

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3 Parent Tips for Handling Back-to-School Stress

Photo: pexels.comBack-to-school stress is a real concern for parents. This stressful and frenzied time affects children and parents alike. As parents, you set the tone for how your children will respond and adjust to various situations and challenges in their lives.If you are calm and in control, your children will feel reassured and safe.…

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What is Sharenting and Should You Stop Doing It?

pexels.comParents have been sharing pictures and updates of their children for a long time. However, since the creation of social media, this parental activity has become something entirely different: sharenting.What is sharenting, and should you stop doing it? In this article, we look at the meaning of sharenting and the main concerns around the…

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Be a Parent, Not a Friend: Michelle Obama on Parenting Her Daughters

Revolt x Michelle ObamaBe a parent, not a friend? Michelle Obama believes so but some people have an issue with this.Should you be friends with your children? This article takes a look at both sides of the debate. Here’s how we break it down.Be A Parent, Not A Friend: Michelle Obama’s Philosophy On…

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What is Gentle Parenting? 6 Things You Should Know

photo: pexels.comAre you gentle parenting? Would you like to start? Here is what you should know about being a gentle parent.Parenting is a tough job; it can be especially challenging if you're parenting multiple children with different personalities and specific needs. Every child is different, with different temperaments that will influence the way you…

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Is Your Child Being Bullied Online? How to Deal With Cyberbullying

photo: pexels.comAs more children are online than ever before, knowing about cyberbullying and how to help your child deal with it is an important aspect of modern-day parenting. This article will outline what you need to know about and how to help your child deal with cyberbullying.Our world has changed a lot in recent…

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