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It is National Read a Book Day!

Reading is fun and is a major booster for your baby’s brain development, language and reading skills.

If you want your children to develop a love for books, you need to start reading a book to them every day.

There are many benefits to reading with your baby. As we celebrate National Read a Book Day, here are some benefits of reading books to your baby.

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Read a Book Day: My Happy Baby
Photo: Margo Morrison

Benefits of Reading a Book a Day to Your Baby

1. Reading a book a day to your baby is an important way to bond with your baby.

2. Read a book a day to teach your baby how to communicate.

3. Reading every day builds your baby’s vocabulary and language skills. Children who are frequently read to begin school with a more extensive vocabulary than children who are not.

4. When you read a book to your baby every day you will introduce him to early learning and mathematical concepts such as numbers, colours and shapes.

5. As your baby grows older, her imagination and creativity will benefit from you reading aloud to her every day.

6. Every time you open a new book, you introduce your baby to new experiences and the world around him.

7. Reading a book every day to your baby could be the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.

Pro Tip: Remember, reading to your baby should be fun! Use these strategies to make reading for your baby a fun and exciting experience.

Happy Read a Book Day!

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Read a Book Day: My Happy Baby

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