November kicks off the start of the celebration for Parent Month. Parent Month 2021 is celebrated under the theme, “Positive Parenting: Impacting Generations.”

Parent Month 2021 poster
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As we enter November, in celebration of Parent Month, I would like to salute our parents and say thank you for doing your best!

It goes without saying that parents are extremely important to child development. The blueprint for our lives is established during those formative years in our relationships with our parents. Even as adults, we still have a special bond with our parents; they still have a special hold on our lives.

Our parents’ words can calm us when no one else can, they still influence how show up in the world, the decisions we make and our plans for the future. Even in our distress, as adults, we still return to nurturing, caring and competent arms of our parents.

Parents are not perfect and they do not need to be. Sure, our parents have hurt and disappointed us. Many parents have looked back on their child-rearing skills, the mistakes they have made and wished they would have done things differently.

The point is, for many of us, our parents have done just enough to for us to not only survive but to thrive. They used the tools and information that they had, and sometimes under very difficult circumstances, to “bring us past the worse”. Yes, our parents were not perfect, our parents were good enough.

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