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I am sure you have heard that holding babies when they are crying will spoil them. This is certainly not the case. Here is today’s myth-buster!

Myth: Holding babies when they are crying will spoil them!

Truth: You will not spoil babies if you hold them when they are crying.

There is no evidence that holding babies and responding to them when they are crying will spoil them. Babies need a lot of attention and care. Unlike older children who have the ability to talk, babies cry because that is their way of communicating to their caregivers that something is wrong or they need you to attend to something.

Why do babies cry?

Here are some of the main reasons why babies cry:

  • They are hungry
  • They have a dirty or wet nappy/diaper
  • They are tired
  • They want a cuddle or to be comforted
  • They have wind
  • They are either too hot or too cold
  • They are bored
  • They have been overstimulated

Tip! – Learn to understand your baby’s cries so that you can give him/her the right attention.

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