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The heat wave temperatures are soaring across the world. Every part of the globe has seen record highs. As we ride out the current wave, it’s important to know how to stay cool, safe and beat the heat this summer.

Europe is seeing record heat wave temperatures. In the United Kingdom, temperatures have soared to 40 degrees Celsius, the highest on record. Meanwhile, in France, temperatures have risen to 42 degrees Celsius, with wildfires blazing in France and Spain.

In India, March 2022 was the hottest recorded in 120 years with temperatures soaring to 43 degrees Celsius. Similarly, in the USA, heat records have been broken in July, with States like Texas seeing temperatures rise to 41 degrees Celsius.

In Africa, the trend continues with record-breaking heat. Tunisia’s record-breaking heat reached 48 degrees this summer, a 40-year high.

We don’t have to wonder if summer is here; we can feel it.

While Jamaica is blessed with year-round beautiful weather with lots of sunshine and blue skies, the summers are typically very hot. We are no strangers to soaring temperatures.

However, as climate change experts have warned, the current global heat wave temperatures will be more frequent in the future.

Keeping yourself and your children cool this summer will be a challenge, but don’t fear! Here are 6 Ways to Beating the Heat this Summer.

1. Clothing

Let your children wear light and loose-fitting clothes. Cotton and linen are two great fabrics for summer as they are considered breathable fabrics because they allow air to circulate and heat to leave the body. As little children are very active, natural fabrics like cotton and linen can soak up sweat and help children to stay cool.

2. Hydrating to Beat the Heat

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Keep your children hydrated by providing them with lots of water to drink. Water is very important for your child’s health. Our bodies need water to function correctly.

Drinking water is important because it regulates our bowels and gets rid of waste through urination and perspiration. 

Importantly for summer, water prevents dehydration and lowers our body temperature when we get too hot. 

How much water do children need to drink per day?

During this very hot summer, ensure that your children are getting enough water to keep them hydrated and look out for signs of dehydration that may include:

a. Signs of dizziness or light-headedness

b. Nausea

c. Headache

d. Dark yellow or brown urine

e. Dry lips, mouth or throat

Pro Tip: Add some slices of fruit such as lemon, watermelon or cucumber for that extra taste of freshness! And, when you’re out and about, carry a water bottle with you to make sure that your child will always be hydrated.

3. Water Babies Know How to Beat the Heat Wave Temperatures

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Don’t we all love a day at the beach? Taking your little ones for a day at the beach, river or waterpark is always a great way to beat the heat.

There is nothing more refreshing for the body than taking a dip in cool water on a very hot summer’s day.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones with a pool, taking a dip is just as easy as going to your backyard.

Cannot make it to the beach, river or waterpark? Don’t worry! Try getting an inflatable kiddie pool for the backyard. They are so practical and can be used again next summer!

Pro Tip: Safety comes first. Never leave your children unattended in the water, and make sure that your children do not have access to the pool without adult supervision.

4. Back to Nature for Beating the Heat Wave Temperatures

While it might seem counter-productive to spend a lot of time outdoors during a hot summer, it can be a good way to beat the heat. 

If like many Jamaican families, you have a backyard with trees and a shaded area, spending time in the shade on a warm summer’s day is a great way to cool down, enjoy nature and beat the heat wave temperatures.

Children are curious about the world around them, so taking them outdoors to enjoy the summer breeze can also be an opportunity to teach them about nature.

While you’re enjoying the cool breeze in your backyard, why not take the time to teach your little one about the insects that live in your garden, the various plants spotted around the place, and the different types of fruit trees that grow in your backyard?

Pro Tip: Get comfortable outdoor seating or lounging equipment to enjoy the cool breeze under the trees.

5. Skin Protection

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While we would like to stay inside to beat the summer heat, we have to venture outside occasionally.

This is when you should consider sun protection tips that will protect your little ones from some of the damaging effects of the sun.

Try to avoid being outdoors while the sun is at its hottest during the day, that is, between 10 am and 4 pm.

While outdoors, consider making your children wear long-sleeve clothing and brimmed hats to protect their skin from the sun.

If you use or plan to use sun protectants, check with your child’s paediatrician for guidance on the best options and always read the labels and follow the directions for the application of such products.

6. Staying Cool

Another tip for beating the heat wave temperatures is a two-for-one special!

Making fruity popsicles for your children to keep them cool while making sure they get their daily servings of fruits is a win-win.

Fruity popsicles are always a fan favourite and are a surefire way for cooling down this summer. They are also a great way for your children to have their daily intake of fruits.

Pro Tip: Use a fruit juicer to mix some of your child’s favourite fruits. The fruit juicer is perfect because you don’t need to add water or sugar. The juice is all natural and ready for you to pour into the popsicle moulds and then in the freezer.

You can use a blender if you don’t have a juicer, but try to avoid using too much sugar to sweeten the juices.

How do you like our cool tips for beating the heat wave temperatures this summer?

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